Covenant With Hell (Medieval Mysteries)

1660 stars
Priscilla Royal

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Title Covenant With Hell (Medieval Mysteries)
Rating 1660 stars
Author Priscilla Royal
Pages 216
Isbn 1615954635
Review It is hard to find a mystery series that doesn't become a little cookie cutter after several books. Covenant with Hell is the tenth in the Medieval Mystery series and is anything but predictable. Priscilla Royal keeps the story fresh and the characters fresher.

Our favorite characters, Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas, have traveled outside Tyndal Priory on a pilgrimage to Ryehill Priory for prayer and contemplation. The accommodations aren't ideal and the hosts seem unwelcoming. Eleanor and Thomas try to stay out of the investigation into the death of a nun but rumors are flying. Who could be trusted? Those in the priory? Out of town merchants? A homeless child? Eleanor gets in a bit of trouble but, with the help of Thomas, solves the mystery in true form.

This newest installment in the Medieval Mystery series won't disappoint. Covenant with Hell is a fantastic read and will leave you eager for the next in the series.


So far the best I have read in an enjoyable series, although probably sequels are supposed to do that. Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas continue to develop character, depth and acquire insight and self knowledge. Priscilla Royal is a fine historian and knows her period well. It is a period I appreciate as my ancestor(s) were one of Edward's household knights in Ireland.

The setting is just prior to Palm Sunday's pilgrimage to the Walsingham shrine in 1277. The times were unsettled and the premise is that Edward was still unproved and an unpopular king with many pretenders to the throne. Murders and plots to kill the king are untangled by Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas and she is quite prominent as her brother had the king's ear at that time.

Some interesting aspects to Brother Thomas' life are revealed as well as his skills as a sleuth and his charity. His prior prison record again comes to the fore as do other earlier events in his life.Do these events take him out of Tyndal Abbey in the future?

Prioress Eleanor herself acquires more personal serenity through prayers and the pilgrimage itself. The Bell Tower of Ryehill Priory, an invented place, has a very important place in the tale.Ryehill is a poor and impoverished place which ultimately has a change of fortune after some unfortunate events.

Come to the village of Walsingham, in East Anglia and meet Gracia a street child who is entangled with everyone at Ryehill Priory as well as spies and murderers. I am surely glad I had the opportunity to do so.

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