Последният ден на карнавала

3522 stars
Sandra Brown

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Title Последният ден на карнавала
Rating 3522 stars
Author Sandra Brown
Pages 368
Isbn 9542606710
Review Ridiculous is the word that comes to my mind for this book. I like Sandra Brown, I really do. I've read a lot of her books and have loved them. Which is why I chose this one--because of her name and my past experience with her books. But I wasted my money. She insulted my intelligence with this book, and I'm not that intelligent. It angers me that a bestselling author can put out stuff like this. And I will be wary of future books by her, which is a shame.

The male mc is a mean, cantankerous, unlovable vigilante. Why would we like him? I didn't. Why would we root for him? I didn't. The female mc is a little sympathetic, but doesn't seem real. The villain was a true bad guy, but he was so bad, I got tired of him fast.

There was no mystery (except who was the mole in the police department--which turned out to be ridiculous). There was no thriller. None. There was no romance--until 3/4 of the way in (SPOILER) when the two main characters--who up until then hated each other--suddenly did a 180 and fell madly in love. Ridiculous. I'm not even sure you could call it a romance. The first time he saw her he thought she looked like a hooker; he repeatedly called her a whore to her face. He kidnapped her and held her hostage in a swamp. But suddenly, they're passionately in love? Really? But she's married, he says. No, not really, she says. She wasn't married in the church, so in her mind she's not really married and adultery is okay. Really? Seriously? Ridiculous.

Contrived, unreal, unlikable, and ridiculous. You've ruined my impression of you, Sandra. I don't know if I'll take a chance on you again. This one was THAT bad.


I got this book through a First Reads giveaway. I was very excited because I generally enjoy Sandra Brown books and I hadn't read this one (or the other one in the bundle!) It was a decent read, perfect for sitting poolside as my kids swam.

Basile Burke is an essentially good cop who goes rogue after accidentally killing his own partner because of a mole in the narcotics department, then finding his wife having an affair with a man she works with. He quits his job and devises a way to take down the head of the drug ring he has been chasing, the teflon coated Pinkie Duvall.

On the other side of the story there is the two dimensional character, Remy Duvall, Pinkie's wife. Caught pickpocketing Pinkie as a teen, Pinkie essentially bought her and her sister from her druggie prostitute mom. We don't learn much about Remy other than she loves her sister and she is trapped in a psychologically abusive marriage.

Burke's plan for revenge includes kidnapping the beautiful Remy, who he believes is using her body for her husband (and his lackey's) attention and material gain. Using some of the people he has come into contact with through his job as a cop, Burke manages to isolate her from her body guard and take her into the swamps. While there the two fall in love and plot together how to take down her husband.

There were a few twists and turns in the plot including finding out who the mole in the department was but overall it was a rather predictable plot that ended happily. It was a good beach read as my friends and I call it but not Sandra Brown's best work.

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